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Law Enforcement Recruitment

At RDM Global Associates, you will find that we are focused and dedicated to the transition of Law Enforcement Professionals and Executives from the Public Sector to the Private Sector. We have dedicated ourselves to this not only because all of our placement specialists are Law Enforcement Professionals, but because we feel that our profession is underserved and not well understood by all the other "Recruitment " professionals out there. Law Enforcement Executives and Professionals bring a vast variety of skills, expertise and experiences that are highly desirable in the private sector but are not well understood by civilian recruiters. Our experienced professionals know how to market and transition your unique abilities and make connections with those private sector companies with whom your abilities are in great demand.

Please note that we are highly selective not only with the companies we choose to recruit for and place Law Enforcement Professionals with but also in regards to those Law Enforcement Professionals and Executives we choose to represent. Our clients and companies have come to expect a level of expertise and professionalism that we will always strive to maintain by seeking out the best opportunities and matching them with the most highly skilled and prepared professional. We are not and will never be a casual job placement office. If you feel you possess a unique set of skills or are a Law Enforcement Professional with Supervisory, Management or Executive experience, we encourage you to contact us. Even if you are not yet retired and are just "testing the waters" it is always important and liberating to know what your options are and to have an Exit Strategy and a place to land when your day comes. We are here to help. All you have to do is let us.

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