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The Latest in Law Enforcement Management

At RDM Global Associates, we believe in using our wide variety of resources and experience in the project management and procurement field to assist public and private entities in whatever way possible. Our consultation services bring together industry experts and Law Enforcement personnel to make sure that you get not only what you want but more importantly what you need. In this environment of fiscal restrictions and responsibility, you cannot afford to make uninformed decisions. Our professionals have experience in not only helping you define your needs exactly but we will also assist you in putting those needs out to the private sector in a way that is easily understood. We can assist in project development, equipment procurement, testing, negotiations, installation and dispute resolution. It is important to get your projects and major purchases correct the first time. An investment up front will reduce the possibility of costly mistakes in the long run.

List of Projects

  1. Development of a Memorandum of Understanding and Governance Document between the City of Henderson and the City of Boulder City in Nevada for the development, construction and operation of the Multi Jurisdictional Eldorado Valley Regional Public Safety Training Facility.

  2. Development and coordination of the plans for the Eldorado Valley Regional Public Safety Training Facility to include roadways, infrastructure, building placement, range design and layout of this 10 million dollar project. This facility will contain (4) multi-purpose ranges, (2) tactical ranges, (2) EVOC tracks, a 500 Yard fan-design Sniper range, multi-story explosive breaching and gas house with rappelling tower and a 360 degree shoothouse.

  3. Development of a multi-agency Regional Leadership Development program designed to provide Leadership Training to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, The City of Henderson Police Department and the City of North Las Vegas Police Department.

  4. Research, testing and procurement of a state of the art 300 degree fully immersive Use of Force Simulator designed to train sworn officers in the various use of force techniques and tools available to them in various situations.

  5. Research, design and selection of a company to build a 5-story Explosive Breaching/Gas house with an attached rappelling platform for use by tactical teams and various training.

  6. Research, design and building oversight for the procurement of a $500,000.00 Critical Command Vehicle for use in tactical and emergency situations. Contained multi-agency radio interoperability, wireless capabilities, self-contained and private CNT platform, external regular and IR cameras, external ICS Command posts, satellite phones and a variety of other critical components.

  7. Review, testing and selection of a vendor to provide approximately (140) in-car video systems and (9) Automatic License Plate Readers.

  8. Writing and management of numerous Federal grants for the purchase of Law Enforcement Equipment, vehicles and construction.

  9. Development of Lesson Plans, Policies and Procedures that are in accordance with P.O.S.T. and CALEA requirements.