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Offered Training Courses

First Line Supervision
This is a 40 hour course that is designed to prepare those considering promotion to the first-line level and also to train those individuals who have just recently been promoted. This course covers several very important topics to include; The Principles of Leadership, Leadership Ethics, Building Trust, Group Dynamics, Personnel Law, Legal Issues/Supervisory Responsibilities, Progressive Discipline, Conflict Management, Effective Communication, Report Review, Policy and Procedures and Stress Management for Self and Others. This is a very fast-paced, participative course that will expose your personnel to the issues they will face as First-Line Supervisors and will increase their job knowledge thereby decreasing the possibility of mistakes and liability for your organization. Sign Up Now

Executive Leadership, Ethics and Principles
This is a full day course designed for the senior leadership of your organization. The day is designed to be a participative discussion of the various challenges and dilemmas facing the leadership in your organization and to provide ideas, concepts and plans to help your Leaders build on their leadership platform and to reinforce the concepts of professional ethics and principles. Sign Up Now

Modern Communication for Law Enforcement Professionals
This is a full day course which is designed to teach Sworn Officers the basics of open and responsive communication while at the same time teaching them techniques that will allow them to respond to combative or uncooperative individuals in a professional, safe and defensible manner. Our goal is to teach the skills that will decrease the likelihood of a verbal confrontation escalating into a physical altercation. We do this by teaching the skills necessary to counter aggressive statements and by teaching Officers how to separate emotions from professional conduct. Sign Up Now

Interview and Interrogation
This is a full day course designed as a basic Interview and Interrogation course targeted towards the working Officer. The majority of the other courses offered by other groups are targeted towards Detectives and Investigators who often have sterile interview rooms to conduct their advanced and often aggressive techniques that if used inappropriately or with less skill can lead to prosecutorial problems or blown opportunities. Our program is designed to give the skills that an Officer will need on the scene to ask appropriate questions in a way that will elicit the information needed in and bring forth information and confessions from witnesses and suspects in a productive and easily defensible manner. We also teach the skills necessary to read and interpret written statements and how to develop follow-up questions that will help fill in gaps, omissions or outright lies. Sign Up Now

Internet Predators - Identification, Investigation and Apprehension
This is a full day course that was developed and is taught by a nationally recognized Investigator who has lead countless investigations and participated in numerous arrests of Child Predators. This course is designed to give your investigators the skills necessary to hit the ground running and begin investigations immediately upon completion of this course. Our instructor will provide follow-up assistance/support during your investigations should it be needed. Sign Up Now

Risk Management
This is a full day course designed to teach personnel the concepts of risk management and how to identify and address those practices, situations, environments and personnel who potentially pose a future risk to either the organization or to them selves. The goal is to teach practices that decrease the likely hood of high liability events and to increase the safety and effectiveness of your organization and your personnel. Sign Up Now

Active Shooter/Assailant
This course is a Train the Trainer course and is two days in length. At the end of the two day course, your personnel will have the skills and tools necessary to teach and administer your Active Shooter/Assailant program. They will be provided with the Lesson Plan and all the materials and support necessary to provide your personnel the most up to date practices, rules and movements necessary to increase their ability to bring these highly volatile and dangerous situations to a quick and professional ending. Sign Up Now

Multiple Assailant Counter Terrorism Action Capabilities (MACTAC)
This is a Train the Trainer class for a highly comprehensive program designed to allow both large and small agencies to come together and pool their physical and personnel resources in the event of a major incident involving either multiple locations or multiple assailants. This program also has applications in the event of natural or mad made disasters. Your personnel will be provided with the opportunity to learn all of the materials, participate in the physical/practical applications of the plan and all lesson plans, and materials required to teach the program to your personnel. Sign Up Now

Other Offerings
RDM Global Associates has access to a cadre of current Sworn Law Enforcement professionals who are experts in other areas such as Use of Force, Legal Issues, Defensive Tactics, Development of Policy and Procedure, Taser, Firearms (handgun, Rifle, Shotgun and subgun) and Range Technician Certification. If you do not see the type of class you need, please let us know and we will do our best to find someone or some organization who has what you are looking for.
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